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An infographic is a visual image such as a chart or diagram used to information or data. Mize provides these infographics to illustrate our focus on Smarter Customer Engagement.

Check back often, we’ll continue to update this section as we develop and publish additional infographics.

Engaging Connected ConsumersService Contract Management:

Best Practices to Maximize Service Contract Revenues

The product Install base provides manufacturers a huge opportunity to sell extended warranty and service programs, maintenance plans, and Subscriptions to customers.   Companies can grow service revenues and profits by increasing the Attach Rates and Renewal Rates.

The Survey conducted with hundreds of Warranty and Service professionals provides insights into the practices from best-in-class companies with over 70% attach rates and 90% renewal rates. All companies can benefit from these best practices to maximize service contract revenues.

Infographic by: Andrew Thomas, Mize

Download Infographic: Service Contract Management

Engaging Connected ConsumersEngaging Connected Consumers:

Mobile Strategies for Brands & Retailers

Mobile and social revolutions are reshaping nearly every aspect of individuals’ lives. Digital is creating new opportunities and challenges for companies seeking to engage consumers.

Tablet and smartphone owners now spend more time with mobile apps than they do on the Internet or watching TV.

Prepared by: Dr. Phil Hendrix, immr

Infographic by: Erin Nelson, Mize

Download Whitepaper: Engaging Connected Consumers –Mobile Strategies for Brands & Retailers

InfographicsCustomer Experience Management:

Strategies to Succeed

The Service Council recently undertook a research campaign on Customer Experience Management (CEM) initiatives across 180 organizations to learn the structure of CEM programs, the resources dedicated to the customer experience and the results seem from successful initiatives.

Prepared by: Sumair Dutta, The Service Council

Infographic by: Erin Nelson, Mize


Download Whitepaper: Winning Strategies in Customer Experience Management

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