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Service Campaign Management Software.

Product recalls impact your company’s reputation, and bottom line. Recalls are growing amid increased regulatory requirements and rising customer expectations about product quality and safety.  Recalls may have different names such as Product Improvement Programs, Service Bulletins, Service Campaigns, Filed Actions, or Retrofits, but they represent a huge unexpected cost and potential damage to your brand reputation.

Hundreds of millions of products are recalled every year across all industries costing companies billions of dollars. Mize Service Campaign management software enables you to streamline and manage the entire product recall process to limit financial risk, retain customers and protect brand reputation.

Mize Campaign Management

Using Mize Campaign Management software, companies can effectively manage these recalls from initiation to closure including Customer notifications, performance tracking, and compliance reporting.

Initiate Campaign

Warranty Claims, Returns, Field Service Reports and Product Support data can be an invaluable resource to detect quality defects and determine the root cause of those defects. Mize Warranty Insights provides the analytic tools needed to detect emerging issues and identify the components and products impacted.

Once a decision is made to initiate a recall, you can estimate the cost, get the needed approvals and start the implementation of the campaign.

Define Campaign 

Using Mize campaign management, you can

  • Define the needed repair work,
  • Identify the replacement parts, and
  • Publish a service bulletin that describes the campaign.

Authorize Campaign 

You can identify the population of products impacted by the defect using the Product 360 data that includes Product Bill of Material (BOM), manufacturing data, build dates, parts supplier information, and product registrations.

Mize Smart Link features allow you to define the criteria to identify the impacted products and a campaign authorization is added to each specific product at the product serial number level.

Perform Campaign 

Once Campaign is authorized, the system creates notifications for responsible dealers and customers based on product registrations. Customer notifications can be delivered via email, mobile push or SMS messages or customer contact information is provided to dealers or third parties responsible for contacting the customer.

Once an authorized repair is completed, the dealers can submit a warranty claim for payment. Mize Campaign management provides the claim templates and claim validations to check the product status and repair charges. The campaign notification and completion are tracked by updating product authorization records.

Track Campaign 

Mize Campaign Insights provides various reports to track campaign completion, campaign budget, and dealer performance. Compliance reports required by agencies such as CPSC, NHTSA, or others can be generated from the coConsolidated data warehouse.

Integrated Campaign Management

Managing recalls effectively also requires integration with a number of other processes and systems including warranty, parts, and other enterprise systems. Mize enables you to integrate Campaign management with other processes including Product Registrations, Warranty ClaimsParts Return, Supplier Recovery, Parts order, and Service Orders.

Mize CX Connect provides the connector needed to seamlessly integrate campaign management with other enterprise systems of record such as ERP and CRM.

Manage Product recalls effectively

Product recalls have a direct impact on customer satisfaction and the perception of the quality of your products. Managing the recalls effectively and in a timely fashion will restore customer confidence and brand reputation. Mize Service Campaign Management software connects you with suppliers, dealers, and customers to streamline the entire product recall process.

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