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Service Knowledge Management.



Mize Service Knowledge Management (SKM) Software & Solution simplifies access to all knowledge resources for Customers, Service Centers, Technicians, and Support teams. Mize enables companies to deliver knowledge globally in any language and on any device of choice to enhance customer experience and resolve service issues faster.


Brands can foster self-service by providing access to resources that customers need without requiring assistance from an agent in a call center.

Mize Customer Portal can deliver rich content, documentation, and tools, making it easy for customers to find relevant and helpful information. By making installation, training and support resources available online, customers can get help and service products on their own.

Self-help to Self-resolving

My Customer portal users can easily find content and documentation associated with their registered products making it easier to self-help/resolve.


Google-like Search

Mize enables a Google-like search against fully indexed content from all sources for faster and more accurate results.



Technicians spend up to 6 hours in a week researching the information they need to do their jobs. The lack of knowledge at the point of service results in extended downtime, secondary visits, and productivity loss.

Mize enables access to relevant knowledge available at the point of service for the technician to diagnose and repair products accurately. Improve first-time fix by enabling the technician to access instructions and guidance to help complete tasks.

Mobile & Offline Access

A variety of Knowledge topics and types can be accessed online at customer sites where data connectivity via WiFi or Mobile data may not be available.


Augmented Reality/Merged Reality

Collaborate with remote experts and record invaluable knowledge by way of a real-time, augmented reality/merged reality video experience.


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Contact Centers are inundated with telephone calls, emails, and chat sessions that could have been easily solved by simple access to relevant knowledge topics. Even when customers reach a live person, they are frustrated by the lack of knowledge by the agents to answer their questions. Mize powerful knowledge search engine suggests the most relevant topics by using the product, BOM and issue description to help find resolutions faster.

Smart Panel

Mize presents contextual help topics to Contact-center agents within the support request to provide relevant information to help resolve the request quickly.


Information Gathering Video Chat

Contact-center agents can gather more accurate information and solve issues faster by using a video chat experience with end customers.



Typically, a company’s Knowledgebase is scattered across disparate systems and organized into folders that force stakeholders to spend valuable time hunting for the right information.

Mize provides a simple, cloud-based subscription model for publishing and accessing all knowledge resources and assets from a central repository. Companies can realize immediate and tangible ROI from a variety of Knowledge Management capabilities.

Centralized Knowledgebase

With secure cloud storage, organizations can keep the information consistent, up-to-date, and available around the clock in real-time.

Track & Analyze Usage

Track and analyze the search terms being used, the access frequency of knowledge topics, and user feedback to continuously improve the content and search results.

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Learn how you can Optimize Service Knowledge Management to grow revenue opportunities with an existing customer and install base.

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