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Service Lifecycle Management for growing Manufacturers.

Growing manufacturers of innovative products need happy customers who can be advocates for your products to help scale in today’s connected global marketplace. In addition to the products, the manufacturers must deliver amazing customer experiences to grow the customer base and generate higher margin revenues.

You cannot rely on phones, emails, and spreadsheets to manage your customers as that would limit and constrain your growth potential. It is too expensive to integrate and maintain multiple siloed applications needed to manage customer service and product support. ERP and CRM systems work well as systems of record but fall short in delivering the service experience your customer expect. You need a single customer service and support platform to deliver world-class service to your customers.

Specialized platform targeted to manufacturers

Mize Connected Customer Experience Platform, Smart Blox, and Solutions enable manufacturers to optimize service experience and maximize customer lifetime value. Mize specializes in providing solutions to high value, durable, and configurable product manufacturers. Mize platform connects manufacturers with Customers, Channel Partners (Distributors, Dealers, and Retailers), and Suppliers.

Cost Effective Service Management solution

Mize solution is very cost effective with a simple monthly subscription without upfront investments in hardware, software, and costly implementations. Mize subscription model is based on users or your product install base to help you grow and scale. The Software is priced, so small manufacturers can afford it and get more value for the limited budgets.

The modular Smart Blox model helps you get started small and scale up easily.  You can differentiate your customer service and compete more effectively against larger manufacturers on a level playing field.

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Optimize Service Experience

Mize helps to optimize all post-sale service processes including Product Registration, Warranty, Service Contracts, Spare Parts, Support, Knowledge, and Service.

My Customer Portal simplifies access to all the information and services that your customer need.

Mize solution enables you to deliver service using any model that fits your industry and products. You can deliver service:

 Maximize Customer Lifetime Value

You are always connected to your customers to generate additional revenue from accessories, spare parts, service plans, and related services. New product sales typically generate less 10% profit margins. You can generate 30-40% profit margin from selling to your existing customer base. Higher customer lifetime value (CLV) helps you get better returns from your initial customer acquisition costs.

Manage critical data assets

Mize Connected Customer Experience platform helps you manage the most important data assets:

Capture feedback from customers using Voice of Customer (VOC) program to improve products and services continuously.

Mize CX Insights enables you to gain actionable insights to drive customer satisfaction, revenue growth, and quality of products and services.

Mize as your reliable Partner in growth

Mize team has decades of experience in delivering service lifecycle management solutions for global manufacturers.

Mize brings deep industry experience, advanced technology capabilities, and commitment to customers to help you realize your growth potential.

Mize platform leverages Cloud, Mobile, IoT, and Analytics technologies to digitize customer service interactions on all channels. As part of the subscription, Mize will continue to upgrade the software to keep ahead of the fast-evolving digital technologies and scale your business.

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