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Smart Tags.


Smart Tags: Simplify the identification, tracking, and location of the assets

Mize Smart Tags generates and links tags and labels for identification, tracking, and location of any physical assets. Smart Tags provide automatic product serial number, part number, and product model retrieval, increasing productivity by removing the need to key in identifiers and eliminating data entry errors. Smart Tags enable geo-positional tracking at the point of inventory scan, improving your asset workflow and logistics.

Mize Smart Tags enable customers, channel partners, and service teams with instant product and part identification through machine-readable optical label support.  Smart Tags support dozens of Bar Code formats, including UPC, Code 39, Quick Response (QR), VIN, and many more.  Mize generates the smart tags that can be printed in different layouts with images, Bar code/QR codes, and asset attributes to provide summary information to users.


Simplify Asset identification, and Lookup

  • Support for many popular Bar Code formats, including UPC, Code 39, QR, Aztec, MaxiCode, and ISBN.
  • Generate Smart Tags from directly within the application and apply them directly to the product, part, or work order.
  • Support for many industrial and commercial label printers to print in bulk or transfer to 3rd party printers
  • Print Tags in standard layouts and formats such as Avery or custom labels using word/PDF templates
  • Full integration with Mize Product 360, Warranty, Field Service, Parts, and other Smart Blox
  • GPS Tracking at the point of scan, providing real-time inventory or asset tracking using any smartphone

Increase Productivity and Inventory Tracking

  • Track and Trace existing inventory – attach a Smart Tag to a part or product and associate any alpha-numeric identifier dynamically using our “Tag and Scan” workflow
  • Integrate Smart Tags into your Service, Warranty, and Manufacturing workflows and stop manually entering identifiers
  • Include additional metadata directly in the Smart Tag enabling downstream system support.
  • Supports full customization for Company branding and contact information
  • Smart Tags available as a cloud application accessible from any web browser, Windows, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Locate tracked assets on an interactive map

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