Software Engineer – J2EE

Software Engineer responsible for design, development and delivery of fully tested application programs from business and technical specifications. Develop new business functionality that is usable, reliable, scalable, and maintainable. Location : Tampa, FL, USA & Hyderabad, India.

Apply to Mize JobJob responsibilities

• Create technical specifications and designs that form the basis for code created during the development phase
• Design, Develop and test a set of requirements or features meeting the defined specifications
• Code and maintain programs, forms, interfaces
• Create and/or modify Java programs, EJBs, Data access objects, JSPs, JavaScripts from detailed design
• Conducts unit testing and integration testing for the functionality
• Assist with integration testing, system testing and acceptance testing
• Prepare, write, review and maintain effective system documentation

Job requirements

• Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science
• 5+ years experience in Object Oriented Design and Development using J2EE
• Experience in all phases of the software development lifecycle including design, development, testing and deployment.
• Experience using design tools, J2EE IDE based on eClipse
• Experience using data models, schemas and querying based on XML, Relational and OO databases.
• Experience with HTML, JavaScript, and MVC-based web application frameworks
• Extensive experience developing multi-tiered web-based applications in Java (J2EE)
• Ability to analyze, translate, and define business requirements into technical solutions
• Demonstrated knowledge of Web architecture, frameworks and design patterns
• Fluent in Object Oriented Design and Programming Techniques
• Ability to learn and apply new technologies quickly