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Depot Repair Management.


Mize Depot Repair Management

Streamline & Automate Your Depot Repair Processes


Inefficient processes at centralized repair depots result in lower profitability and customer dissatisfaction. Longer product downtime negatively affects the customer experience and leads to higher churn rate. Lower technician productivity and higher parts inventory costs reduce the profit margins on the repair orders.

Companies can improve customer satisfaction and generate higher profit margins by digitization of the repair depots to orchestrate all service processes and resources. You can eliminate custom systems, spreadsheets, and manual tasks to reduce the request-to-repair cycle times while improving the service delivery to your customers.

Repair Depot can realize many benefits from streamlining and automating the repair processes:

  • Minimize the product downtime for the customers
  • Improve the efficiencies of repair processes
  • Improve technician productivity and utilization
  • Reduce the cost of the product and part inventories
  • Improve cash flow from faster customer payments

Mize Depot Repair Management (DRM) Solution

Mize Depot Repair Management (DRM) solution enables you to streamline and automate the end-to-end repair process from the initiation of customer service request to the delivery of the repaired product back to the customer.

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Mize Depot Repair Management connects all processes including:

  • Initiation of Customer Service Request on multiple channels including My Customer Portal, Contact Center, Email, or mobile
  • Creation of the Return Material Authorization (RMA) and shipping label for the customer to return the defective product
  • Generation of Product or Parts Orders to ship a loaner product or exchange the products
  • Creation of the Inspection orm to inspect the product and identify the repairs to be done
  • Checking the product against entitlements from the Standard Warranty, or Service Contracts
  • Creation and management of the Repair Orders (RO) to track the parts, labor, and other charges
  • Access to Knowledge to complete repairs faster and improve the productivity of the technicians
  • Tracking of Service Parts Inventory and assignment to the Repair Orders
  • Shipment of the repaired product back to the customer
  • Billing and payment for the Repair Order to the customer or generation of warranty claim
  • Generation of actionable Service Insights to drive profitability and enhance the customer experience

Streamline and Automate Service processes

Mize solution enables your service team by providing the key capabilities for efficient repair management.

  • Keep customer informed through My Customer Portal and notifications via email or text messages
  • Simplify access to service manuals, bulletins, and Knowledge base from any device
  • Access complete product and customer service history
  • Validate and apply Warranty and Service Contract entitlements
  • Mobilize service tasks by scanning barcodes and capturing pictures of defects on any mobile device
  • Generate Service quotes for customer approval
  • Automate billing and invoicing to the customers and integrate with payment and financial systems
  • Integrate with ERP, CRM, and other enterprise systems using CX Connect
  • Integrate with Carriers and 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) companies to streamline reverse logistics and product shipments
  • Configure and manage the workflows, business rules, and forms to streamline and automate all the steps in the repair process

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Orchestrate Service Operations

Service executives and managers can gain actionable insights to improve efficiencies and profitability of the repair centers.Orchestrate Service Operations

  • Check the profitability of the repair orders by applying the cost of parts, labor, and other expenses
  • Gain real-time visibility to the status of all repair orders, technicians, and service parts
  • Access Dashboards and Reports on all aspects of the service operations

Cost-Effective and faster to deploy

Mize Depot Repair Management solution is powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox to deliver fully integrated repair processes.

The solution is available on Cloud using a Subscription model (SaaS) to reduce the upfront investment in software, hardware, and implementation services. Your repair depot operations can be digitized and automated within weeks to optimize service experience and maximize service profitability.

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