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Mize Remanufacturing Software Solution.


OPTIMIZE Remanufacturing and MAXIMIZE Profits

“U.S. produces more than $45 billion of remanufactured goods per year” –  Remanufacturing Industries Council

Remanufacturing offers a sustainable source of profits and value for OEMs, remanufacturers, distributors, and core suppliers. In addition to financial benefits, remanufacturing contributes to the green circular economy by reducing material usage, energy consumption, and waste.

Remanufacturers fail to realize the full potential because of lower recovery rates on cores and inefficiencies in remanufacturing processes. Remanufacturing software platform that connects all stakeholders will streamline processes for core returns, inspections, remanufacturing, inventory tracking, and distribution.

Mize Remanufacturing Management Software solution

Mize Remanufacturing software solution (Mize REMAN) enables remanufacturers to:

  • Streamline remanufacturing processes to improve efficiencies and reduce cycle time
  • Increase core returns from customers, dealers, and other core suppliers
  • Improve profit margins by managing core credits and part sales

Mize Remanufacturing software, powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox (Returns, Inspections, Service, Parts, and Orders), connects all stakeholders, processes, and data to optimize remanufacturing and maximize profits.

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Remanufacturing Software Platform for all stakeholders

OEMs, Customers, Dealers or Channel Partners, and Suppliers can access the remanufacturing portal to perform and track various transactions involved in remanufacturing.

Remanufacturer Application

Customer Central allows OEMs or Remanufacturers to orchestrate all remanufacturing processes, workflows, and policies. Customer Central enables your team to manage the core reimbursement policies, warranties on remanufactured products, pricing, orders, and inventories.

Customer Portal

My Customer Portal allows customers to initiate a core return, print shipping labels, track shipments, or order remanufactured goods.

Dealer Portal

Channel Connect allows distributors, dealers, service centers, and retailers to manage core returns, track credits, and place orders.

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal enables part or component suppliers, logistics companies, and other partners to support remanufacturing process with parts and services.

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Reverse Logistics

Cores are central for remanufacturing, and a steady supply of cores are needed to be successful in remanufacturing.

Core Returns

Mize Software enables remanufacturers to streamline Returns management and Reverse logistics to improve efficiencies, reduce costs, and increase return rates:

  • Remanufacturers can save shipping costs by selecting optimal rates and shipping methods by comparing different carriers.
  • Shipping and receiving of cores is streamlined using barcode scanning and automated tracking of parts shipments.

Core Inspections

Mize solution includes inspection of received parts Inspection to identify repair steps, and replacement parts needed based on the damage codes identified during the inspection process.

The quality and eligibility of cores for remanufacturing, credit for cores, and estimated costs can be evaluated to ensure profitability.

Inspection form templates and checklists can be easily set up for different categories of products. Pictures, comments, and Videos can be added in the inspection form.

Inspections can also be performed after the remanufacturing process is completed to ensure quality that meets the like-new product standard.

Core Tracking

Mize REMAN allows OEMs to track cores in the field using Product configurations or BOM (Bill of Material). The age and eligibility of cores for remanufacturing can be validated to identify right cores to be recovered.

Inventory of Returned cores is tracked and managed to provide real-time visibility and enable optimal planning.


Remanufacturers are expected to take cores that may have a variety of defects and produce products that consistently meet the like-new standard.

Teardown and Replace Parts

Mize solution managed the Bill of Material (BOM), and 3D/2D illustrated Parts Catalogs for products and components to identify right replacements parts during the remanufacturing process.

Redistribution and Sales

Customers benefit from the lower prices for like-new products with comparable quality. Using Mize solution, Remanufacturers can distribute the products using a dealer network or sell directly using an online eCommerce site.

Catalogs & Ordering

Product Catalogs, illustrated Parts catalogs, Ordering, and eCommerce capabilities enable the remanufacturers to distribute and sell the remanufactured products.

Remanufactured inventory availability information can be accessed from ordering, warranty, or service systems to allow users to view the availability and select remanufactured parts whenever feasible.

Manage Warranty and Service

Offering Warranty on remanufactured products increases customer confidence and acceptance. Remanufacturers can offer a warranty on remanufactured products, track warranties, process claims, analyze warranty costs using Mize Warranty Software.

Remanufacturers can identify cores to be returned as part of warranty claims processing or service management systems. Products, Parts, or components can be flagged for return, and an RMA (Return Material Authorization) is auto-generated from claims or repair orders.

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Integration with ERP and Fulfillment Systems

Mize Remanufacturing software can be integrated with ERP, Fulfillment, and other enterprise software seamlessly. Mize CX Connect provides connectors for major software systems such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, NetSuite, and others to reduce the cost of integration, maintenance, and support.

Mize software is integrated with Carriers such as FedEx and UPS to generate labels and track Returns and Orders.

Mize provides standard web services API to allow integration with any third-party systems.

Gain actionable Insights

Remanufacturers can easily access dashboards, reports, and analytics to optimize remanufacturing KPI such as core costs, profitability, and recovery performance. All stakeholders have access role-based reports to drive performance improvements.

Cost-Effective and robust Remanufacturing application

Mize Remanufacturing software can be accessed globally in Cloud for a subscription fee (SaaS) based on the number of users or number of cores processed. All users have access to the remanufacturing application from any web browser or a mobile device.

Remanufacturers can realize immediate ROI as there are no upfront hardware costs, software license fees, or costly customization services.

Solution suited for remanufacturing

Mize solution is suited for remanufacturing in high-value durable product categories. The software is optimized to meet the needs of OEMs or independent remanufacturing businesses. Remanufacturers can realize immediate benefits by optimizing the remanufacturing processes and maximizing profitability.

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