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Optimize Rental Management.


Renting allows customers to try out products they are interested in before buying or use the products to meet short-term needs. Customers benefit from the convenience and low-risk financial commitment from renting instead of buying. Dealers and Companies can generate additional revenues and build long-term customer relationships.

Mize Rental Management Software (mRental) solution optimizes rental management by connecting Renters, dealers, and companies for a seamless flow of information from initiating a rental request to order fulfillment.

Rental Portal

The rental portal allows the Renters to:

  • Search or browse matching rental equipment
  • Track and manage Rental requests and orders
  • Pay online for the orders using a Credit Card
  • Manage the communication with Dealers and Renting customers

Rental Platform

Rental Platform enables companies to orchestrate and manage all aspects of rentals:

  • Online Rental Store to Showcase Products and Equipment for Rental
  • Manage the Dealer Network and centralized inventory across all locations
  • Simplify and enhance the Customer Rental Journey
  • Provide role-based access to information and features
  • Provide API and Interfaces to integrate with enterprise and dealer systems
  • Ability to Import and Export data from different data sources


Locator allows dealers or rental companies to:

  • Manage locations of assets and inventory items
  • Track the flow of Assets from the dealership, warehouse, and field locations
  • Visualize equipment across different location on an interactive map
  • Tracks products across multiple locations and find products nearest to the customer
  • Integration with Google Map to route for most efficient pickup and delivery

Products allow Dealers and Renters to:

  • Track Products and assets available for Rent and on Rent
  • Maintain Product details and other relevant information
  • Link the products to Barcode or QR code to quickly identify and track products
  • Access Product 360 information on complete life cycle and history of the product

CX Insights allows you to analyze the data for actionable insights for:

  • Revenue trends by any time-period
  • Generate reports on Product utilization, revenue, and profitability
  • Personalized Dashboards to track KPI on assets, sales, and customers
  • Gain insights into customer preferences, usage, and feedback


Commerce module of mRental to:

  • Manage pricing, discounts, invoices, and billing
  • Integrate with payment processing such as PayPal, Authorize.Net gateways
  • Integrate with financial and accounting systems
  • Shopping cart option to select and check out products or get quote

Order Management

mRental enables all stakeholders to:

  • Create, update, and fulfill orders
  • Facilitate pickup and delivery of products
  • Integrate with third parties such as insurance and transportation
  • Manage Agreements, electronic signatures, and order workflow
  • Perform pre-delivery and post-rental inspections

Rental Mobile App

Rental Mobile App available on iOS or Android devices enables:

  • Customers to request a quote or reserve equipment from any device
  • Receive notifications and alerts on availability, prices, and status
  • Scan Barcode and QR code to access products and information instantly

Peer-to-Peer Renting

mRental allows customers to list their products for rent and facilitate the whole rental process between customers. The Rental portal can be used by customers to list their products or rent from others. mRental creates a simple and effective rental market place for Renters and Renting customers to connect with each other and benefit from shared and collaborative commerce.

Streamline all rental processes, grow revenues, and improve customer satisfaction with mRental. mRental can be implemented rapidly and cost-effectively to provide quicker ROI.


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