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Service Contracts Management Software.


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Companies are missing revenue and profit opportunities by not offering the service programs beyond standard product warranties. Even when service programs are offered, the attach rates remain low as retailers and channel partners do not focus on service sales and customers fail to understand the value of these programs.

Mize Service Contracts Management Software and Solution helps Manufacturers (OEMs), Third Party Administrators (TPAs), Retailers, and Channel Partners to set up, sell, administer, track and analyze various service programs.

Whether you are planning to set up a new service contracts program or already managing one, Mize Service Contracts Management (SCM) enables you to manage Extended Warranty, Maintenance, Subscription, and Service Programs to build long-term relationships with customers and grow predictable and recurring service revenues.

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  • Set up flexible service programs configured to the industry, product, and customer needs
  • Administer Contracts, Support, and Claims to improve profitability and customer satisfaction
  • Enable Channel Partners to sell, renew and fulfill Service Contracts
  • Empower Customers to manage risk, limit repair costs, and minimize product downtime

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Mize SCM software enables companies to maximize service contract revenues by offering configurable service programs, enabling channel partners, and simplifying the buying process.

Offer Service Programs to meet your customer needs

Service Programs deliver value to your customers by helping them to manage risk, limit repair costs, and

minimize the product downtime. Using Mize SCM solution, you can offer and manage Service Programs for:

  • Extended Warranty, Maintenance, Subscription, and Protection plans
  • Maintenance programs with defined service schedules
  • Multi-device, Accidental damage & handling (ADH)
  • Value-added programs beyond break-fix to differentiate your services

Mize Service Contracts solution provides you the flexibility and capabilities needed to set up the programs suited to your industry, products, and customer needs.

Gain Actionable Insights to Drive Service Contract Sales

Mize CX Insights powered by Industry leading BI platform provides reports, analytics, and actionable insights to drive sales and performance improvement. You can easily access

Service Contract Administrators have access to:

  • Earnings management
  • Attach Rates
  • Renewal Rates
  • Sales performance
  • Customer analytics
  • Opportunity reports
  • Loss Ratio Reports
  • Reports to Underwriters


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Mize Service Contract Management streamlines various processes involved contract administration improving efficiencies and saving administration costs. Manage the Service Contract lifecycle including Configuration, Quote, Sales, Registration, Claims, and Renewals.


Contract Administration

Register Service Plans, validate contracts, calculate entitlements, and track cancellations and modifications.


Contact Center Management

Manage Customer Support for Service Programs and engage Customers


Field Service Management

Dispatch and Schedule Service Providers to perform repair or deliver services as per the terms of the service contracts


Streamline and Automate Claims Process

Automate and streamline claims processes to ensure accuracy, compliance, and timely payments to service providers


Workflows and process automation

Manage workflows and notifications related to service contracts and claim approvals and processing


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Mize SCM Enables Channel Partners to market, sell and renew service programs to improve attach rates and renewal rates.

Present Service Plan Offer: Present Service Plan options at the time of product registration

Opportunity management: Mize provides Opportunity reports to channel partners and sales teams for identifying products with upcoming warranty expiration or renewal of service contracts.

Email Notifications: Customers will receive a notification about the buying or renewal of Service Plans

Automate Renewals: Mize automates renewal process to maximize recurring revenue opportunities by generating renewal notifications and quotes before contract expiration

Integrated Sales: Integrate with other Sales systems, F&I menu programs to present right offers to customers

Deliver Differentiated Service Experience

Manage Customer Support and Service Delivery to enhance customer service experience.

Service Dispatch & Scheduling: Dispatch and Schedule service providers with Mize Field Service Management

Maintenance Scheduling: Automatically generates Service requests to dispatch service technicians to perform preventive maintenance activities

Service Level Agreements (SLA): Track SLAs and deliver as per SLA commitments

Claims: Generate and submit claims for services performed under service contracts


My Customer Portal helps customers to buy new service plans, track all service plans, and request services.

Companies have an opportunity to engage customers, provide notifications, and present offers to increase attach rates and renewal rates.

Customer Self-Service portal provides access to knowledge, support requests, and service order status to reduce calls and improve customer satisfaction.

Reach customers on all channels (web, mobile, email, SMS/Text, Social media) to stay in touch and engage customers.

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Mize Service Contracts Management Solution, powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox, helps companies to maximize customer lifetime value. Mize global team of experts have decades of experience in delivering warranty and service contracts solutions.


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