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Service Parts Management.



Service Parts are a significant source of revenue and profits for manufacturers.Mize Service Parts Management (SPM) solution enables manufacturers to maximize parts sales, improve efficiencies, and enhance collaboration with channel partners and suppliers.

Mize Service Parts Management solution, powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox, streamlines all Service Parts processes including Ordering, Fulfillment, Returns, Support, and Logistics.

Mize Service Parts Management solution (SPM), powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform and Smart Blox, streamlines all Service Parts processes including Demand Chain, Supply Chain, and Operations.

  • Simplify access to illustrated parts catalogs on all channels for fast and accurate results
  • Increase parts sales by making it easy and convenient to order parts anytime, anywhere
  • Optimize parts pricing and inventory to improve profit margins
  • Gain actionable insights to improve fill ratio and drive operational performance
  • Collaborate with parts suppliers to reduce parts costs and streamline logistics

Grow Service Parts Sales

Mize Parts Catalog enables service technicians, parts managers, customers and contact centers to lookup service parts online easily and quickly. Using mParts catalog, all users can:

  • Drill down from the product model using an illustrated parts catalog
  • Search using part number, part name, and other part attributes for fast and accurate results
  • Search where part is used to find the right part and quantity
  • Select configurable views to show relevant parts and service information
  • Navigate easily across various catalogs, sections, illustrations, and parts lists

Mobilize Parts Catalog

Ease, Convenience, and Speed of catalog access helps to improve efficiency and effectiveness of parts and service processes. mParts catalog software enables field service professionals and customers to access parts catalogs on any device from anywhere by providing:

  • Native mobile catalog app to optimize user experience on iOS and Android devices
  • Responsive website adapting to any device size and form factor
  • Push Notifications on order status and part shipment
  • Ability to scan part barcode or QR code to access parts information
  • Access to parts catalog information online or offline

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Enhance the parts decisions

It is critical to select the right parts needed for the job to prevent order errors, increase technician productivity, improve product uptime, and enhance customer satisfaction. mParts helps with parts decision process by presenting relevant information in a timely fashion. Users can immediately access:

  • Pricing and availability information
  • Superseded or substitute parts within the catalog
  • Where used information across all product models
  • Relevant notes and service content (manuals, bulletins, training, videos)
  • Parts information including pictures, and other details

Simplify Parts Ordering

OEMs and Parts distributors can increase parts sales by making it easy and convenient to order parts wherever or whenever they are needed. mParts provides a hassle-free ordering by enabling users to:

  • Add parts to shopping cart with a single click
  • Check out directly from the Catalog
  • Save selected parts as pick lists
  • Email or export parts pick lists
  • Place emergency or stock orders
  • Print and share parts illustration and parts list

Integrated Parts Ordering

mParts makes it seamless to exchange data with other systems using standard web services interfaces and multiple formats such as CSV, JSON, or XML. mParts integrates with:

  • Dealer portals with Single Sign-On (SSO) and customer websites
  • Service transactions including parts orderrepair orderwarranty claim or a service quote
  • Dealer Management Systems (DMS)
  • Parts fulfillment systems to reduce manual efforts and speed up parts shipment
  • Asset Management Systems (EAM)
  • ERP and other enterprise systems
  • Service content and publications with direct links to any section of the catalog

Order Tracking

Dealers can track all the orders and status from the web or mobile apps. Order tracking has integration with shipping carriers and 3PL to provide real-time visibility of parts shipments.


By automating and simplifying catalog publishing process, mParts enables Parts departments to keep the parts catalog data accurate and up-to-date. mParts web-based catalog management enables OEMs and Parts distributors to:

  • Automate catalog creation by importing images, and BOM Parts lists from Engineering or ERP systems
  • Use Service Bill of Material (BOM) to structure the catalog
  • OCR Parts images to automatically recognize and hotspot part call-outs
  • Create or edit hot spots with a simple interface to draw an area and identify call-out reference
  • Update catalogs within minutes and make the accurate data available immediately
  • Publish parts catalogs in many languages
  • Export parts catalogs to PDF or other distribution file formats

Parts Inventory Management

Search and view of parts inventory levels using multiple parameters, including stock keeping unit (SKU), product type, barcode, manufacturer, supplier, and facility. Track inventory across multiple locations to gain visibility about parts on hand, ordering needs, and slow-moving parts.

  • Track Parts by any Inventory Location: Warehouse, Distributor, Dealer or Service Center, and Technician
  • Auto-update inventory from Transactions: Parts orders, Service Orders, Returns
  • Ability to search parts inventory or locate parts easily: Identify closest available parts using Parts geo-locator.
  • Access and show Parts availability on any service transaction
  • Integrate with 3rd party systems: Integrate with Warehouse, DMS, 3PL systems for real-time inventory visibility

Warehouse Management

mParts integrates with Warehouse management systems to meet Parts demand and supply chain needs. mParts has standard connectors for major ERP and WMS systems. CX Connect provides seamless two-way integration using web services for other enterprise systems.

Analytics and KPI

mParts Analytics allows tracking of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) such as Fill Ratio, Inventory Turns, Delivery Performance, Inventory Costs and Order Fulfillment.


Mize Supplier Portal enables manufacturers to manage supplier information, purchase orders, and supplier performance. mParts ensures traceability and real-time visibility of parts supply chain to source, procure, and manage the service parts effectively.

Supplier Portal

Supplier Portal helps Manufacturers to coordinate parts supply chain processes with suppliers. Supplier Portal can manage:

  • Parts Suppliers: Maintain all supplier information, Contracts, documents, and forms
  • Parts Costs: Manage Parts costing and cost changes
  • Purchase Orders: Track delivery times
  • Track Supplier Quality: Track Defective Parts, Parts Inspections
  • Supplier Dashboard: Supplier performance scorecards

Parts Procurement

  • Supplier Parts or Purchase Orders
  • Parts Cost Management

Parts Logistics

Integrate with Carriers, 3rd party Parts Logistics(3PL) companies to track shipments, inventory and delivery times.

Cost Effective and faster ROI

mParts, powered by Connected Customer Experience Platform, provides the common platform for Brands to manage all service interactions with customers and channel partners.  mParts is deployed on CX Cloud providing a scalable, high performance, and high availability environment for companies.

Service Parts Management is available for a simple and cost effective subscription (SaaS) model reducing upfront cost for infrastructure, software licenses, and costly implementation services.

Mize Service Parts Management solution enables manufacturers to grow parts sales, improve efficiencies, and enhance collaboration with channel and supplier partners.

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