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Warranty Management.


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Mize next generation Warranty Software (mWarranty) connects manufacturers, distributors, dealers, suppliers, and customers to optimize Warranty Management by streamlining warranty processes, reducing warranty costs and improving product quality.

Improve the effectiveness and efficiency of all warranty processes by simplifying and automating product registrations, service plans, warranty claims, returns, supplier recovery and service campaigns.

Reduce warranty costs by applying warranty policies and terms, increasing supplier recovery, and improving service operations. Increase customer retention and grow service plan sales by delivering a better value and differentiated customer experience.

Improve product quality through actionable insights with warranty reporting and analysis to reduce detection- to-correction cycle time of any product defects. Enhance collaboration with all stakeholders including Quality, Manufacturing, Engineering, and Suppliers.

mWarranty enables companies to manage end-to-end warranty lifecycle effectively. Companies can replace disparate systems with a consolidated global warranty software to optimize Warranty Management across all business units, product lines, and regions.

Seamless warranty data flow among all stakeholders and processes enables you to improve productivity and reduce cycle time:

  •  Manage all warranty policies, workflows, and business rules to automate processes
  •  Increase registration and plan attach rates to maximize customer lifetime value
  •  Automate warranty claims process and enhance accuracy of warranty data
  •  Streamline returns to support quality analysis, supplier recovery, and re-manufacturing
  •  Collaborate with suppliers to reduce warranty costs and improve quality
  •  Gain actionable insights to detect and correct product defects earlier


Increase product registration rate by simplifying the registration process and adding value to the customers. Know who your customers are and establish a direct connection using My Customer portal.


  • Manage and track products, customers, and warranty entitlements
  • Elevate customer on-boarding experience
  • Generate additional revenue and profits from accessories, parts, services and service plans
  • Inform customers on service campaigns, product knowledge, and upgrades

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Manage service plans to deliver value-added services and programs beyond standard warranties. Differentiate customer experience and improve customer satisfaction by building long-term relationships across all channels including retail, web, mobile and social media.


  • Increase plan attach and renewal rates
  • Improve customer retention and loyalty
  • Grow sales and profitability of service plans
  • Gain customer and product insights


Streamline and automate all types of claims with extensive business rules to validate claim data. Service providers can easily upload, enter, submit and check the status of claims online. Manage and control claim costs by enforcing compliance with warranty policies, entitlements, failure coding, authorized parts, and standard repair times.


  • Control warranty costs with extensive checks and validations
  • Reduce the claim cycle time
  • Enhance the accuracy and integrity of claim data
  • Capture attachments, videos, diagnostics and communication
  • Improve productivity and efficiency with Claim process automation

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Improve collaboration to reduce warranty costs and improve product quality by sharing supplier warranty claims in real-time. Supplier Warranty Portal allows OEMs and suppliers to exchange claims, RMA’s, and performance metrics.


  • Increase warranty cost recovery
  • Drive product quality and supplier performance
  • Manage supplier warranty efficiently and cost effectively
  • Provide real-time visibility to warranty failures


Streamline the entire product recall process to limit financial risk, retain customers and protect brand reputation. Manage the service campaigns from initiation to closure, including; customer notifications, performance tracking, and compliance reporting.


  • Manage recalls efficiently and cost effectively
  • Track and improve campaign performance
  • Enhance customer satisfaction
  • Improve product quality and safety

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Provide easy access to warranty dashboards and reports to all stakeholders, including; Warranty, Quality, Engineering, Finance, and Suppliers to track and improve warranty performance metrics. Generate and share standard reports for warranty reserves, failure analysis, regulatory compliance, and supplier quality.


  • Gain actionable insights to reduce warranty costs
  • Reduce detection-to-correction cycle-time to fix quality issues
  • Provide a centralized and trusted source of warranty metrics
  • Save time and cost in creating ad hoc reports


  • In addition to mWarranty (next generation Warranty Lifecycle Management software), the Mize team brings in-depth experience and best practices to optimize Warranty Management. The Mize team has a proven track record of delivering warranty solutions successfully to numerous global brands.
  • Our simple and cost-effective subscription model allows you to deploy mWarranty software without the upfront investment in costly infrastructure, software licenses or implementation services. mWarranty can be seamlessly integrated with your ERP, CRM or other enterprise systems to provide a connected warranty experience to all stakeholders.

Mize is your reliable solution partner to achieve your warranty objectives rapidly and cost effectively!


Mize enables companies to optimize key post-sale customer interaction events such as product registration, warranty, service plans, parts, support, service, and maintenance to enhance customer satisfaction, retention and loyalty.

The Mize Connected Customer Experience platform and Smart Blox elevates the customer experience, builds more knowledge about the customers and products and increases revenue from the existing customer install base. Mize enables you to harness web, mobile, cloud, IoT and analytics technologies to Maximize Customer Lifetime Value.

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