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Warranty Accrual Reporting.


Warranty Accrual Reporting

Warranty accrual reporting helps companies with internal financial planning to meet future warranty claim reimbursements, as well as meet financial reporting requirements by public companies.

Mize Warranty (mWarranty) software provides the reporting capabilities to easily and accurately manage warranty accruals or reserves.

Using Mize Warranty accrual reporting, companies can:

  • Reduce the amount of time involved in manually compiling the accrual reports
  • Meet the warranty financial reporting requirements
  • Reconcile changes in aggregate product warranty liability for the reporting period
  • Track warranty payments and outstanding liabilities

Warranty accrual reporting

Key Features:

  • Determine Cost Per Unit (CPU) based on historical data of similar products
  • Estimate expected future warranty claim costs based on unit sales and CPU
  • Report on warranty cost components – Parts, Labor and Other (Travel)
  • Access the support data of product shipments, registrations and claims
  • Aggregate warranty claims cost into similar product families, policies, and coverages

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