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Warranty Analysis and Insights.


Actionable Warranty Insights to Improve Quality and Reduce Warranty Costs

Global manufacturers spend billions of dollars a year to cover the cost of warranty claims and product recalls. Manufacturers need to detect and correct emerging quality issues quickly to reduce escalating warranty costs and improve customer satisfaction.

Mize Warranty Software (mWarranty) enables durable goods manufacturers to analyze warranty data, identify quality issues, and improve warranty performance metrics.

You can save time in creating your reports with spreadsheets by running standard warranty reports and analytics with the data from a central warranty data warehouse.

Easy access to Warranty Dashboards and reports 

All stakeholders including Warranty, Quality, Engineering, and Suppliers can securely access warranty dashboards and reports from a web browser. You can drill down from Dashboards to see the detailed reports.

Warranty Data Visualizations 

Simple and power visualizations allow you to quickly identify areas that could have the most impact in reducing warranty costs. You can utilize Pareto Charts, Top N, and Bubble charts to identify top contributors to Warranty costs.

Tread Act reporting

Generate Tread Act reports required to meet the regulatory requirements in automotive and off-road vehicle industries.

Warranty Reserve reporting

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Generate Warranty Reserves and accrual reports to meet financial reporting needs and manage warranty budgets. Improve your forecasting and warranty reserves management by using up-to-date Cost Per Unit(CPU) by model and units under warranty.

Early Warning System

You can detect the emerging quality issues early with failure analysis and claim trend reports.

Supplier Warranty Reports

Supplier Warranty reports and recovery metrics help drive supplier quality improvements. Suppliers can access their warranty dashboards from the Supplier Warranty Portal.

Warranty Fraud detection

Mize Warranty analysis provides comparative benchmarking reports across dealers on claim frequency, claim totals, parts usage, labor hours for identifying anomalies. Service Provider and Claim risk scores enable to detect and prevent warranty fraud.

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Standard Warranty Metrics and Reports

You can run easily access standard metrics and KPIs such Warranty Cost Per Unit (CPU), Repairs Per Thousand (R1000), Meantime between failures (MTBF) and other Quality measures.

Improve Warranty Efficiencies

Track and Improve Warranty performance metrics such as:

  • Registration Rate
  • Claim cycle times
  • Parts Return turnaround times
  • Supplier Recovery rates
  • Contract Attach rate

Ad hoc Reporting, Analysis, and Visualizations

Create custom reports and analysis in minutes using easy and powerful designers and visualization capabilities.

Multi-Dimensional Analysis

Access Warranty metrics summarized by different dimensions such regions, product categories, models, BOM (System, Assembly, Component), dealers, and suppliers.

Report Scheduling and email notifications

Any of the warranty reports can be scheduled and delivered right to your email inbox to alert you about changes in warranty trends.

Run Warranty Analytics in Cloud for an affordable monthly subscription fee. Mize Warranty Intelligence powered by the industry leading BI (Business Intelligence)  platform provides you a simple and cost-effective way to gain actionable warranty insights.

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