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Warranty: Supplier Recovery.


Warranty: Supplier Recovery

Supplier Recovery is an integral part of Mize Warranty Smart Blox (mWarranty) and enables Manufacturers (OEMs), Distributors, and Fleets to:

  • increase warranty cost recovery
  • drive product quality and supplier performance
  • manage supplier warranty efficiently and cost effectively
  • provide real-time visibility to warranty failures across the supply chain

warranty supplier recovery

Key Features:

  • Automatically generate a Supplier Claim from a Warranty Claim
  • Automatically generate Return Material Authorization (RMA) to return parts to Suppliers
  • Setup Supplier policies (Terms & Conditions) for coverage and reimbursement
  • Access a Supplier portal to have suppliers view, export, and process their claims
  • Exchange Claims data with suppliers using standard formats such as CSV, XML, and EDI
  • View Reporting and Analytics for all stake holders

Please contact Mize today to view a demo of the warranty software and learn how you can enhance your supplier warranty recovery processes.

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